White Tile Grout Paint Ideal to refurbish Tile Grout in bathrooms and Kitchens

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White Tile Grout Paint Ideal to refurbish Tile Grout in bathrooms and Kitchens

White Tile Grout Paint Ideal to refurbish Tile Grout in bathrooms and Kitchens

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NOTE: Due to our improved formula’s high polymer strength, you must complete a test patch to determine how long the product can be left on the surrounding tiles. Depending on the type of tile, you may need to remove the product excess within 5-10 minutes or it may be possible to leave up to 30 minutes – note, if left too long it will be extremely difficult to remove. I vacuumed and mopped and found out that even that wasn’t really good enough. Maybe another round with the Swiffer would’ve helped, but I’m impatient and tend to just dive right into things. It won’t dislocate tiles. Re-grouting entails removing old grout, which can weaken the bond between tiles and the wall, potentially dislocating tiles. Paint, on the other hand, has no effect on the tiles. A successful, long-lasting job, however, requires structurally intact grout. Paint won’t adhere well to fraying or crumbling grout—and if you try to paint damaged grout, its condition will continue to worsen after painting. If your grout is in truly bad shape, re-grouting the tile is a better option. How does painting compare to cleaning and re-grouting?

Using a damp sponge and a clean dry cloth, remove any remaining Grout Rescue Pre-treatment to make sure the surface is clear of artefacts and completely dry for the next stage. If changing the color of grout, keep in mind that lighter shades start out looking cleaner, but darker shades more effectively hide surface grit and stains. Apply the sealant to the grout in smooth, even lines and allow it to dry as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Choosing A Colour

But trust me on this. Giving you floor a good cleaning will prevent you from pulling stray hairs and fuzz balls out of freshly painted grout lines. Our unique grout stain, colourant dye, and sealer can restore even the dirtiest, damaged and ugly grout to a new look finish. This process will permanently colour and seal the grout to make the grout look even better than the day it was installed. Universeal Grout Rescue Colour & Seal Grout Colour Sealer is safe and simple to use, this unique formula allows for easy application by the professional tradesman and DIY homeowner. Now, you can colour your grout work with our range of stylish colours, as shown in our swatch set we’ve pre-selected a good range of 10 colours in popular tints. Once you’re happy with the colour, it’s time to make your big batch. Starting slowly, pour a few tablespoons on paint into your grout at a time, and mix thoroughly. This. part takes a while! When you are happy that the colour is similar to what you made in your tester, you’re ready to start grouting!

Start by giving your tiles a good clean, scrubbing off any mould or limescale and filling in gaps where the grout has come loose. Once dry, give the tiles another thorough wipe with a lint-free cloth. 3. Mask off your edges Easy to apply with the Rust-Oleum Grout Paint Brush included, touching up tile grout has never been easier. Simply use directly onto grout without the need for a primer and complete your project in a day, as the Grout Paint is touch dry in 1 hour and hard dry in 4 hours Apply Universeal Grout Rescue Colour & Seal to the grout joints with the brush. Don’t worry too much about getting a little of the grout stain and dye onto the tiles, this will be removed safely soon! DO NOT OVER-APPLY, make sure you spread it out thinly and evenly with the brush.With a clean and dry surface, it’s time to apply Universeal Grout Rescue Colour & Seal. Use a small clean brush to get the best results using our grout dye. A disposable toothbrush is an affordable choice for the job.

Essential Perfect Grout is very simple to apply so no need to call in a tradesman, just follow the easy application guide on the bottle. The result will look better than new and as though it has been done by a professional contractor! You simply need to prepare the surface by cleaning the grout with a good grout cleaner then apply Essential Perfect Grout thinly using a small brush or sponge, wipe away any of the sealers from the surface of the tile and allow to dry. Best results are achieved by applying a second coat. Don’t forget to allow plenty of drying time before wetting the treated surface.

When to hire a professional tradesperson

Rushing the application. Not taking time and care over this job will result in an uneven, messy finish. Work carefully in small sections for a neat and accurate application and note the manufacturer’s instructions regarding drying and curing times Keeping grouting in tile joints dirt-free can seem never-ending and many people give up without trying too hard to look for solutions. Sometimes a cheap grout dye or a grout pen can help but they tend not to last and are only effective in small areas of discolouration. A grout dye is generally better than using a grout pen but a grout pen is usually so cheap many people try it and don’t complain too much if they don’t work. Certain areas, particularly where moisture might be present can be more susceptible to marks and discolouration sending you rushing out to look for suitable grout cleaners. What Is The Best Grout Restorer For Kitchens And Bathrooms?

Using a damp cloth, wipe any excess grout paint from the surface of the tiles as you go. 3. Allow to dry Shake the bottle & mix well before use. If using more than 1 bottle of a single colour for an application, mix all materials to ensure colour match and consistency. Make sure the grout joint is clean and thoroughly dry before applying Grout Rescue. If restoring the original color of the grout, choose a grout paint color that matches the original grout shade as closely as possible. Wipe the grout colourant residue away with a clean absorbent sponge or cloth. Wipe repeatedly while rinsing with clean water to remove all remaining traces of grout dye from the tiles and grout. Then buff dry with a soft cloth for a perfect finish! Special Features Once you’ve applied your first coat, allow it to dry as per the manufacturer’s instructions before applying a second coat.If painting sanded grout, or if changing the color of either un-sanded or sanded grout to a lighter shade, apply several coats to get the desired color, allowing at least two hours of drying time between paint coats. (If painting un-sanded grout a darker color, a single coat is often enough.)

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