Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000: Astra Militarum Severina Raine - Citadel Finecast

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Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000: Astra Militarum Severina Raine - Citadel Finecast

Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000: Astra Militarum Severina Raine - Citadel Finecast

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So if you manage to score this new model on release day, she could be used at either herself, a lord commissar, or perhaps just the elite stand in for only 16 points. The choice is up to you! There are some great stories in there, with a nice balance across the different settings including – thankfully – a couple of Age of Sigmar stories. Taken as a whole it would be a great way for someone new to BL to get a feel for the kind of stories available across the ranges, with links out to loads of interesting ongoing series. Chances are most hardcore BL fans (apart from the digitally-phobic) will have read most or all of these, but then there’s no harm in having a physical copy as well! Overall it’s a great little anthology and continues the positive trend in this respect started with last year’s celebration. Several characters are silenced during Raine's investigation, including her immediate superior officer, Lord-Commissar Mardan Tula, who was hung to look like an apparent suicide, and Requesitions Adept Lori Ghael, who helped Andran Fel gain access to the alpha-grade records about the Strixian 99th Regiment in the Munitorium. Andran Fel was almost killed by a rigged explosive device in his sleeping quarters after his investigation and bedridden for the rest of the novel.

In Warhammer Underworlds, the very first Warband to hit the tabletop came with a female Stormcast Eternal. Beyond this, we’ve seen multiple other female characters hit Age of Sigmar. Executing a much-loved commander will put you on a shaky start with any combat unit you’ve then got to lead – but Severina Raine pulled it off. With some heartfelt lectures to the disgruntled troopers of the Antari Rifles, this uncompromising officer was able to inspire loyalty in her charges – well, most of them – and lead them on to victory in Rachel Harrison’s Honourbound . Ciaphas CainIt’s a deeply personal book, quite unlike anything else I’ve ever written. This is partially because the central characters/relationships have been with me for a very long time (wrote the original short story in the early 90s), meaning that they’re quite subtle and complex, and hence very real. And partially because it was the book I was writing over my Mother’s illness and death, and I guess that was where it all went.

The character writing in Honourbound is not Harrison’s only strong point. The battles are wonderfully dark with many moments worthy of a crusade. The sieges and attempts to counter the Sighted are also especially noteworthy with Harrison managing to pull you fully into the battle be it in the eyes of Fel, Raine or a low ranking soldier. The deaths feel worthy of a war as do those who make last stands. Personally? I could hardly put the book down and I cannot praise the book enough! I certainly would be happy to hear more news regarding the Bale Stars Crusade. New rules were just spotted for Severina Raine, the new female Commissar model, Warhammer 40k! Take a look and see if you want her leading your guard army!Although, this book was a little underwhelming, I hope to enjoy Mark of Faith, which is an Adepta Sororitas novel from Rachel Harrison. And she's a very good character, properly grimdark (she's not nice at all) but still someone you're interested in. And she's supported by a well written collection of Guardsmen and women who are a mixture of heroic and deeply flawed, usually both.

Segmentum - a region of the Milky Way Galaxy, Sol and Terra are in the Segmentum Solar, "galactic center"Now that Ogors just got their Battletome, we feel like it might be a good time to show off this classic Years ago, GW dropped this Maneater model for the Ogors and it’s still got us asking why we don’t see more models like these come to all factions across Age of Sigmar. Why haven’t we seen a female Grot? A female Chaos Sorcerer, etc? Blood Bowl Cheerleader Minis When the authors at Games Workshop created this universe with the tabletop game Warhammer 40,000, the Imperium of Man was an obvious parody of fascism and authoritarian regime. The figure of the commissar, for instance, was a shady one, as he could inspire normal soldiers and was even able to execute one to boost the morale of others. In the tabletop game, it was a cool mechanic but it also made you think... Of course, the commissar of 40k is based on the commissars of the Red Army during WW2, who were cold-blooded and would execute soldiers to "motivate" others. So it would also make you think about it, and about how such a figure can be seen as "positive" in such a universe. The ambiguity of it is what makes it interesting. The weekend will also see the launch of Angron: Slave of Nuceria, the eleventh book in the Primarchs series. United with his World Eaters, Angron must adjust to life as a master instead of a slave. But as his life on Nuceria – and the constant pain from the Butcher’s Nails – haunts him, Angron insists on reshaping the Legion in his image

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