eXtremeRate Tactile Version Clicky Hair Trigger Kit for ps4 Controller Shoulder Buttons, Custom Tactile Bumper Trigger Buttons for ps4 Slim Pro Controller, Mouse Click Kit for ps4 Controller CUH-ZCT2

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eXtremeRate Tactile Version Clicky Hair Trigger Kit for ps4 Controller Shoulder Buttons, Custom Tactile Bumper Trigger Buttons for ps4 Slim Pro Controller, Mouse Click Kit for ps4 Controller CUH-ZCT2

eXtremeRate Tactile Version Clicky Hair Trigger Kit for ps4 Controller Shoulder Buttons, Custom Tactile Bumper Trigger Buttons for ps4 Slim Pro Controller, Mouse Click Kit for ps4 Controller CUH-ZCT2

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Also read: PS4/PS5 Controller Alternatives for Those Who Prefer the Xbox One Controller Why Use a Controller as a Mouse If you have Steam installed on your gaming PC, you already have desktop controller support built in. In fact, it may already be active. Steam enables some shortcuts—called "Chords"—which take the form of certain button combinations on your controller that map to specific functions on your PC. PS4 players looking for a competitive edge should absolutely consider the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition controller, which pitches itself squarely as a premium eSports solution. Not only does it boast a nice weight and build quality to help relay that premium feel, but it also offers players a suite of programmable options thanks to the corresponding Razer app. We found that it was really easy to just simply sync the app to the controller via Bluetooth and away you go, able to tweak the function of each button however you see fit and even set the level of rumble on either side of the gamepad. In terms of the best PS4 controllers for sheer versatility, the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition certainly earns its place.

Finely tuned, expensive, and precise, the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition is a handset designed to perform. Razer Raiju Tournament Edition review However, the real value-buster here is the full wireless compatibility with rumble, built-in speakers, and an extra set of programmable buttons. Those are some serious specs and, while the quality won't match those of pricier options, being able to tinker with such features is always a welcome bonus on a cheap controller. Also read: How to Use External Game Controllers with Steam Games How to Emulate Xinput With DS4Windows Are you a fan of fast-paced, dynamic FPS games like Call of Duty or Fortnite? Looking for some ways to build an advantage over your competition and make your gameplay better? Then, we highly recommend Smart Triggers and Smart Bumpers added to your controller. With the shorter reaction time you will be able to shoot faster and more accurately, which is crucial when it comes to an intense battle for first place! Added bonus – Smart Triggers & Smart Bumpers come in several colors, so you can design your own ps4 controller to your personal style. Adjustable PaddlesThe reason we still recommend PS4 controllers, besides the fact that plenty of folks still play on a PS4 these days, is that there are still lots of multiplayer games you can play on PS5 that are originally from PS4. If one of these PS4 games hasn't received a next-gen update, your best PS4 controller will work, and you'll get all the bonus features and functions that controller will give you. We've pulled together a list of the best gamepads from across the industry, and as it happens, quite a few of these are up there with the best PC controllers, despite some being a fair bit older.Some of the best PS5 controllers even support the PS4, which means our favorites list is still being continually updated. A custom-made PS4 controller is a great way to enhance not only your gaming experience but also have it fit your unique style. So, at Aim we take customization one step further with the option to remove the vibration motors. This can help gamers eliminate the controller jumping around in your hands giving you more precise control in any game If you experience a problem where the cursor doesn't appear after waking the computer from sleep, you can fix that with a small registry tweak.

When testing this product out we found that it feels great to hold and the controls are extremely satisfying to use. You can feel the quality of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited just by holding it. This allows you to use a PlayStation 4 or 5 controller as if it were an Xbox controller. Specifically, both of the programs outlined above will work if you also run DS4Windows at the same time. Here’s how to get it set up.As a result, your best bet is to add non-Steam games to your library. As long as Steam detects it and the overlay works properly, it'll disable the mouse feature. If that doesn't work—some games don't always play nicely with this feature—you may want to try one of the below options instead.

Yes, the Victrix above does offer a better all-round pro experience but it also adds modular connections to the final price. If you're after a pro controller without the extra cost, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited is your best bet. You can always rely on Nacon for great build quality, but in the Revolution Unlimited the third-party accessories specialist has outdone itself. Sweaty hands have been the culprit of many missed 1st place finishes. We understand that it can be annoying, especially when it comes to extended gaming sessions. Fortunately for you, we at AimControllers fixed that. With the addition of Aim Grips, you can improve your hand control and grip ensuring consistent play in every game. In addition, you can choose from several colors, so you can create a PS4 controller that looks great, and functions even better! Lifetime warranty A programmable dual clutch gives you more traction with less smoke to get you off the starting line faster, and the accompanying set of pedals allows for pressure-sensitive braking. You can also customize your rig with G Hub software, letting you build multiple profiles, adjust your wheel's sensitivity, and much more. Moreover, it feels great to use. Although it's a little lightweight and doesn't have any rumble functionality, the fact you can shape it to suit your favourite features in a controller is what makes it truly shine. Versatility is one thing, but not having to compromise on function or comfort to get it is not all that common. You can also adjust the sensitivity and customize the button layout through Gopher360's config file, stored in the same location as the program itself. Pro tip: Add a shortcut to Gopher360 in your startup folder so it launches with your computer.Read more: Nacon Asymmetric Wireless Controller Best PS4 controller: FAQs What is the best PS4 controller? When we were testing the Nacon, we were particularly impressed by the comfort of it - it felt great to hold and use for long periods of time. However, a downside when we tried it was the fact that a USB wireless dongle was needed. Every gamer wants to have the best experience possible, AimControllers knows this as we are gamers as well. At AimControllers we have worked tirelessly to perfect all the nuances and details that come with customizing your own PS4 controller. The end result? We have managed to build the most innovative solutions into our controllers which you can use to custom build your own custom PS4 controllers with our easy-to-use configurator. Here are some options that you can choose from: Smart Triggers/Adaptive Triggers/Smart Bumpers/Adaptive Bumpers This method has some downsides, though. If you launch a game from Steam, the client will automatically disable the feature and your controller will act like a controller in-game. However, if you launch a game from outside Steam, your controller will still be recognized as a mouse, and your controls won't work properly. Are you bored with the look and features of your generic PS4 controller? Looking for elements to add to your controller, making it look like an epic weapon taken right from your favorite game? Then look no further and create a personalized PS4 controller today! From Smart Triggers & Smart Bumpers to mappable paddles and hundreds of design options you will be able to build your own controller that will help you to achieve next level results and make your game truly remarkable! Embark on the journey with Aim Controllers and enjoy your gameplay like never before! Build your own custom PS4 controller! PlayStation 4 custom controller

The most obvious reason to turn your controller into a mouse is if you want to use your computer like a console. While it’s perfectly acceptable to control your Windows PC using a wireless mouse and keyboard from the couch, it’s not the most elegant solution. If your gamepad can also act as a mouse, it means you can navigate the operating system between games without putting the controller down.

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