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Geometry for Ocelots

Geometry for Ocelots

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Many memorable stories have sparked my imagination over the last few years. They include The Martian (Weir), The Florentine Deception (Nachenberg), A Deepness in the Sky (Vinge), The Diamond Age (Stephenson), The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect , as well as works by Isaac Asimov, Liu Cixin, Ken Liu, Ted Chiang, Greg Egan, etc. Just left and right, and Saturday and Sunday, and eating and screwing, and foraging about on the beach of truth for decades, alone, unmoored, searching, the tide coming and going, apathetic to you, to everyone. Then all of it paying off—suddenly you glimpse a perfect promise of wisdom on that beach, something to give all the misery meaning: a message in a bottle; a message in a bottle just waiting there for you in the sand, just waiting there to explain everything, to reward you for all your misery and searching, the Truth Behind It All. Is there a more opulent society imaginable than one that builds spaceships while its population starves?” I would have hoped for a happier ending but the ending was beautiful and as real as it could get. Was it all for nothing ? No because it is all that all civilization will come to unless it decides one or the other. The first 20% alone would have been a beautifully written book about corruption on a smaller scope. The over control of religion that covers its ears to facts it cannot swallow or comprehend while also committing heinous crimes.

Hard sci-fi spanning the age of all things, with a convincing and heartfelt moral and a pitch-perfect plot for the genre. My one major qualm is the whole magicalness of appearing as an animal is entirely unnecessary (the title wouldn't even have to change) and sort of only serves to differentiate Devas from non-Devas...it just isn't utilized well enough to make up for the fact that it really feels otherworldly and reminds the reader they're in fiction. The only other faults I find: 1) Chekhov's Gun is very clumsily introduced and obvious, 2) it probably could be condensed at parts to be a bit smoother of a read, and 3) it's not perfectly edited, and the editing mistakes are a bit frontloaded. I've read some of exurb1a’s short stories and they're splendid. Finishing this book solidifies him in my mind as a nihilistic, sharp-witted writer and content creator whose style begets works that hit dark and sharp. With extremely engaging prose, he weaves familiar ideas into a breathtakingly original and fast-paced mix that leaves me thinking. Really really enjoyed it. Surprises and twists and turns and some solid commentary on civilizations and progress with some war and love thrown in. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I wish I could give this book not just five but ten, hundred, thousand stars. Reading ‘Geometry for ocelots’ is like drinking a weird mixture of champagne, rakia (a strong Bulgarian fruit-based spirit) sweetened with honey, herbs and spices, with a splash of tomato juice for good measure. Weird, right? I love weird.Unlike my experience with Neal Stephenson's works, I found the world-building here thorough but easy to comprehend. Each chapter is short and approachable, leaving me excited to find out what's next for the characters and the world. Urinating one morning he became transfixed with an intricate pattern on the plaster of the toilet and mangled the tip of his penis in his trouser zip.

The science is cool and fascinating, and I disagree as I found lots and lots of tidbits of theology I liked and noted. It's a mish mash of lots of other spiritual traditions and a solid and intelligent take on the many new angles as well.

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And you open that bottle with such glee, your fingers shaking so violently in anticipation you can hardly pull the paper from the bottle—knowing that the broken and lonely days are over, the promise that all this torment and wandering was but the prelude to real existence, to your real life of goodness and belonging and certainty in all things. I really liked the dynamic and conflict yet the coordinated needed between science and theology. The tight tie between the narrative and character arcs.

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