Einhell TC-MS 2112 Compound Mitre Saw | 1600W, 5000 RPM Circular Saw With Work Table, Clamp, Dust Collection, +/-45° Mitre, +/-45° Bevel | Electric Saw With 48T Blade For Cutting Wood, Plastic

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Einhell TC-MS 2112 Compound Mitre Saw | 1600W, 5000 RPM Circular Saw With Work Table, Clamp, Dust Collection, +/-45° Mitre, +/-45° Bevel | Electric Saw With 48T Blade For Cutting Wood, Plastic

Einhell TC-MS 2112 Compound Mitre Saw | 1600W, 5000 RPM Circular Saw With Work Table, Clamp, Dust Collection, +/-45° Mitre, +/-45° Bevel | Electric Saw With 48T Blade For Cutting Wood, Plastic

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First things first: how well setup is this saw from the factory, and if it needs adjusting, how easy is it to do? Even though the saw was set right, I still had a go at adjusting the fence, bevel, and mitre angle indicator. The fence adjusts with a single hex head bolt in a slightly oversized hole on both sides of the blade. I can’t fault the safety features on this saw if you’re gentle with them. You can’t operate without disengaging the safety lever, but it’s a rather thin piece of plastic that I’d worry would break off with heavy use. The instruction manual goes into detail about how to safely operate the saw. It’s a shame that they haven’t included any diagrams to aid with safe usage. Overall, then, I can’t say this is a saw I would go out and buy for myself. The capacity is OK for small pieces of timber but maxing out at 120 mm means you’ll need to flip the workpiece quite often. There’s nothing wrong with plastic bits and pieces on a saw, but they need to be a bit more robust than what’s on the Einhell to make me confident it’s a tool that’s going to last the distance. Like the rest of the mitre saws on my list, it’s single bevel only and can reach a maximum mitre angle of 0 °– 45°and a bevel of -45°– 45°. Unlike the other saws on my list, you can’t extend the angle by a couple of degrees on the bevel or mitre to account for odd angles though. Having these extra couple of degrees can be really helpful in real-life situations when nothing is ever straight!

It’s not so great that they haven’t drilled holes into the fence at the factory. Having these holes means you can extend the fence out much wider or create a sacrificial fence to make your life easier and avoid some tear-out. If you wanted to do this, you’d need to drill your own holes. Even though it’s heavier compared to the Evolution R210CMS, somehow, they’ve used more plastic in the construction. Where the Evolution had a cast aluminium blade guard and chunky plastic controls, the Einhell has a plastic blade guard and flimsy controls. I’m sure these parts will last long enough with normal use; I wouldn’t want to drop this saw and find out what’s broken. On either end of the saw bed there are two holes that accept the work table extensions. Made simply from two pieces of “U” shaped steel, they do the job and sit at the right height. They’re ideal for extending the work table and can be extended out far enough to accommodate longer bits of timber. To test how well this saw works, I made a series of cuts into standard CLS at 0° and 45° on both the mitre and bevel scales. As it’s a common building material, CLS is ideal for testing the saw motor, blade, and trigger action. I also paid close attention to how good (or bad) the saw felt during use and if the features were well-thought-out. German tool brand Einhell have been around since the mid-1960’s and have a wide range of woodworking tools as well as other useful kit. Generally built for the casual end of the DIY market, the Einhell TC-MS 2112 mitre saw is basic but still produces accurate cuts.

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Einhell have managed to sidestep the problem that the Evolution and Metabo saws had with their wobbly two-part fences. They’ve simply made the fence much lower where the blade could meet it. That means you can’t chop into the fence accidentally, and it’s a really solid and straight surface to work with. All you do is use the included hex key to loosen the bolt a touch, then gently adjust the fence until it’s square. Simple, easy to do, and effective. Adjusting the tilt is just as straightforward, two hex head bolts sit on either side of the blade arm and act as stops. A couple of turns with the hex key and everything was sitting plumb and true. Fantastic! The Einhell TC-MS 2112 is a compound miter saw that is designed for precise and accurate cutting of wood and other materials. The saw comes with a powerful motor that delivers up to 1600 watts of power, which enables it to cut through even the toughest of materials with ease. It features a 210mm diameter saw blade that is made of high-quality materials, which ensures that it remains sharp for longer periods of time. The saw also has an adjustable cutting angle function that allows users to make precision cuts at different angles with ease. This feature is particularly useful when working on projects that require specific angles to be cut. The saw has a maximum cutting depth of 120mm at 90 degrees and 45mm at 45 degrees, making it versatile enough to handle a wide variety of cutting tasks.

The Einhell TC-MS 2112 Compound Mitre Saw is a bargain buy for any casual DIYer that doesn’t need lots of extras on their saw. If you’re only cutting timber and you don’t need a multi-material blade, it’s hard to go wrong here. However, if you want to cut odd angles over 45° on either the bevel or mitre, you’ll have trouble. The Einhell TC-MS 2112 also has a laser cutting guide that helps users to make accurate cuts by indicating the exact position of the blade. This feature is particularly useful for beginners who are still learning how to use the saw. Additionally, the saw has a dust bag that collects dust and debris generated during operation, keeping the workspace clean and tidy. This is a fine saw for someone who isn’t demanding too much. If you’re doing rough work and accuracy isn’t a priority, it’ll serve you fine. It’s just not up to trade-level standards.The Einhell TC-MS 2112 mitre saw is much more compact compared with the huge Metabo KGS216M. It’s got a much smaller bed and the frame has lots of cutouts to reduce the weight. It also uses a slightly smaller 210 mm blade that has 48 teeth on the business end. It doesn’t feature a slide-out section which helps to keep its footprint to a minimum. It’s an ideal saw if you don’t have a lot of space to work in.

The prime job of a mitre saw is to be able to make accurate and repeatable cuts at a variety of angles. The best chops saws make setting the mitre and bevel angles easy though. Seeing as the main job of one of these types of saws is to make accurate square cuts, it’s exactly what I did.

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