Drayton MA1 3 Port Valve Actuator Head 230V, 27651

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Drayton MA1 3 Port Valve Actuator Head 230V, 27651

Drayton MA1 3 Port Valve Actuator Head 230V, 27651

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The problem I am having though is even after the temperature set by thermostat has been reached, and after the scheduled CH OFF, my pump continues to operate, my radiators continue to heat and the temperature continues to increase. The best advice I got was that my system was working as it should and I am glad to say it is. From those who knew, I learned what it is that holds the MPV in the H position even when there is no demand for heating, the HW-OFF feed from the programmer. Anyway having diagnosed this far I'm going to leave it with the central heating and the water heating on full time to see if I can get the temperature in the bungalow up to the expected level. At the moment, there is nothing wrong with the system, thank goodness. It was a case of putting two and two together and coming up with five. The water was very cool when I showered and so I advanced the timer to heat it up. The boiler was working fine as I had the heating on at the same time. Now some heat is getting to the cold radiators. The new (compared to the others) double radiator is doing something I haven't encountered before. The rear part is heating up but the front part is staying cold. It doesn't have air in because I have bled it (amazingly after a long search I found a bleed screw) and it was full of water.

When there is a CH demand but no HW demand (tank stat satisfied or HW off at programmer) the valve moves to the CH position. A microswitch in the valve actuator switches a live supply to the orange wire - which then powers the boiler and pump. I have looked up the model and found it to be a "drayton mid position actuator MA1" and wanted to know what i need to do to replace it .Boosted HW MPV stays in W. Boosted CH and MPV moves to H. Turn the boosts off and MPV remains in H and after a short time pump stops. formatting link When there is a HW demand but not a CH demand, the valve is un-powered and sits in the HW position. The boiler and pump are powered directly from the cylinder stat. One year ago (almost to the day) the Drayton MA1 mid-position actuator was replaced (4 years old) on my central heating system as it wasn't operating correctly. It was replaced with another MA1 and the problem was solved. However, I have just switched on my central heating for the first time this year and find that I always get CH with HW even when the CH timer is off. I looked at the MA1 and can see that the valve position is in the middle (HW+CH). If I unsnap the actuator from the valve I can turn the valve manually. I then tried the following with the MA1 removed:

Very frustrating and don't know what else to do with the damn things other than to have a different make and model installed. I don't do it myself. I get a professional to do it - thank god I have an all-singing-all-dancing central heating insurance cover to deal with it. I have a really weird problem with a Drayton MA1 mid-position valve and I can't find any reference to this specific problem.If heating or water is called for the main valve opens and the 3 position valve moves to Heat or Water. If both are called for then the Mid position is selected which allows water to circulate to both. At the moment I am assuming that the valve is in the mid way position (otherwise we wouldn't be getting hot water from the tank and some heat from the radiators) and the strange behaviour of the heating is because it only works when the programmer for the hot water is on. As I said, when I turn the water on, the actuator does move to either the mid or W position depending on whether there is demand for Heating as well. In that respect it all works perfectly.

The problem with the cold shower remains a mystery, appears to be a one-off and it has not happened again. So, it seems as though everything is working normally until there is a demand for Heating only, when, once it is satisfied, the actuator remains in H. This is repeatable!

The default position of the valve is W, held there by the spring. Power can be applied to the white wire, grey wire or both white and grey.

I turned off the power to the system and immediately the actuator returned to the relaxed, Water, position under spring pressure. Given that, if the flow valve is permanently open and the 3 way switch is in the middle then water should always flow around the central heating. The system has been working perfectly for 14 years until yesterday when the domestic hot water was cold. That is, there is a shared (flow) valve which has to open to allow any water to flow, then a second 3 way valve which decides which way the water will flow. One side of the house, the radiators do get hot, Some of the other radiators don't, or at least take a long time (I've only recently put the hot water on constant). Pump is on flat out setting. This suggests that the radiators may not be balanced.

If the valve was previously at Heating only, the result is the valve being held in that position, so finding the valve at H with no demand after using the heating is normal operation and exactly what you would expect. Edit: I've just done some more investigating this morning. The problem of the pump continuing to run last night, doesn't appear to occur when I try it now. I unplugged the MPV and it caused the pump to switch off and the valve return to its default W. I do know they have a circuit board and very flimsy, but normally reliable, micro-switches but why would I want to go replacing the whole actuator, as you suggested in the first place, or even the circuit board as you now suggest, when the excellent descriptions of correct operation given by both 'Jonhmdc' and 'flameport' show that my actuator was working correctly all along and the only thing at fault was my understanding of its correct operation. Last night my partner heard a very strange buzzing whiring noise coming from what i now know is the "mid position actuator" .

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