The Fat Ginger Nerd: A Weight Loss Story

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The Fat Ginger Nerd: A Weight Loss Story

The Fat Ginger Nerd: A Weight Loss Story

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And there's actually a middle path, which you've just described beautifully, and the idea that you have lost, how much have you lost altogether? If “Eat less, Move more" actually worked, we'd all be slim and fit and not looking for a book like this.

Reading the first half of the book will make you see and analyse what may be the possible reasons of us not being able to control weight gain.

That observational studies such as Seven Countries — whose power generally extends only to establishing possible correlations, but not actual proof at a causative level — were alone enough for the low-fat idea to gain any traction at all, bears some degree of curiosity on the part of historical observers. So it's all of these things, the fruits, the vegetables, the grains, that I've been taught to eat since childhood. A big thanks to all the news media outlets that gave coverage to the 70th anniversary ceremony of Tangiwai.

And you know then what happens is that you're, when you're not so obsessed, you know your brain is not so obsessed with thinking about and obtaining food, because that's what it's really trying to do, just get fuel for your body, it frees up space in your brain to do other things. So it was a very gradual thing for me with the hunger, but it was at that point at the cafeteria that day that I realised, “Hey, this is where low carb can be reconciled with one key aspect of that dietary advice”. They assume that when it comes to food and losing weight, that it's purely and simply about quantity and there's no regard at all for the quality of what it is that we eat. The book starts from the very beginning when things seemed to be normal and everyone around them used to treat them the same. And yet, in under two years, that dream eventually, finally, become reality, and in the end all it took was for me to have found advice that actually tangibly worked.The Fat Ginger Nerd is an inspiring personal story with practical weight loss help and some startling insights into how we ended up with this public health crisis. Eventually, Brendan tried something new, a low-carb, high-fat approach and was surprised to find how quickly he lost weight and began to feel better. The number on the scales is dropping in a way that I had never seen before in my entire life and it wasn't really until about December 2015, I started October, so it was about Christmas, about two months in towards the end of 2015. This would also not be the first field into which I have invested my time without being overly qualified to do so.

The lead in coverage as well as the Podcast was a significant contributor to the number in attendance, something the Mayor of Ruapehu acknowledged and gave mention of in his official address thanking media for the support. Dr Lucy Burns: Yeah, absolutely and I think it's, you know again, that the scale numbers, it's a guide. But I tried to push my way through that for a period of about six months, lost a few kilos, not many, about five kilos over six months. The memoir section is emotional for anyone who suffered as a child from bullying about their weight.Do not disregard medical advice or delay visiting a medical professional because of something you hear in this Podcast.

And the next step after that was at lunchtime's, there was this cafeteria buffet that I would go to, and I would always have two big plates of whatever they had on offer. But we know that, you know I would love to be able to wave a wand and just to live in a fair and just society, but we don't. What I love is your initial resistance, and I think it's quite normal because it's, and to use a pun that everybody uses, it is against the grain. So the book is “The Fat Ginger Nerd”, which again, I just, I think you're right, it has some sort of slight irreverence to it, but it makes me smile that you just own that outright. And the idea I think, Mary and I talk a lot about stigma that comes with being overweight and the fat shaming that occurs from the public and health professionals.And I thought, right well at that point I'm seeing that this exercise is working, though I'm really not getting much reward. And that was just the fundamental thing that I struggled with for so long that you know, I wanted to do the right thing to quote unquote, “Be a good boy, do as I'm told, listen to the experts, my elders, my betters”. I used to live next door to a family with an overweight teenage boy, who I would often see shut away in his bedroom as I would walk past on my way home from work.

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