Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - BOARDING PATROL: Space Marines

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Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - BOARDING PATROL: Space Marines

Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - BOARDING PATROL: Space Marines

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I think he’s a perfect Captain, Lieutenant or other veteran character and it’s time to do him justice. Succubi are skilled duelists, making them a perfect leader for the close confines of a Boarding Action. Chaos Space Marines are right at home on the claustrophobic corridors of a space hulk, and we’re not even convinced the Thousand Sons register much of the weirdness going on given the forces they tamper with. So I think the box will come with 10 marines but the picture on the box is the actual warband you can play. A Balefleet is a warband of Chaos Space Marines that has been sent forth by Abaddon and Vashtorr to find the different McGuffins that they need for their rituals.

For this challenge, I settled on this list (it’s actually 500 points once Arks of Omen is official). I don’t know if this would be a super effective army to be clear — but you’ve got some hammer units with the Terminators, Possessed, the Daemon Prince, and Abaddon. I’ve never built a kit entirely in line with the instructions, and my head is always swimming with ideas and lore that start brilliantly and end in my unpainted pile.

He's joined at close quarters by 10 Assault Intercessors, each armed with a chainsword and heavy bolt pistol, who can be split into squads of five for navigating tight passageways. If you want an indicator of where I stand next to these grognards, my first starter set was Dark Imperium. Maybe another 20 cultists or if you’re feeling extra spicy, drop 10 cultists and add in 5 more Terminators. I’d grab the Boarding Patrol box for the Chaos Space Marines and tact in those 630 points right off the bat. Designed for the heart-pounding clashes of Warhammer 40,000's Arks of Omen series, this collection presents a cost-effective and versatile assembly of units, ready to dominate in the demanding realm of boarding actions.

I crawl through my accumulated bitz box for ideas – a compartmentalised mash of Imperial Guard, scenery and Space Marine pieces.Speaking of Chaos their boarding patrol only shows 5 marines in the picture but the text the Warhammer community site says 10? New and upcoming Boarding Patrol boxes give you a diverse selection of models to form effective and characterful armies.

You’ll be able to face any foe with a highly customisable Primaris Captain in Gravis armour, five Heavy Intercessors, and 10 Assault Intercessors. I’m picking those up because I always need Primaris bodies and I feel in love with the Heavy Plasma Incinerator backpack attachment. Boarding Patrol: Aeldari contains 20 Corsairs who can be built either as Voidreaver Troops or as tooled-up Voidscarred Elites. These fervent followers add to the thematic chaos, showcasing the legion’s ability to overwhelm their enemies through sheer numbers and zeal.They’re based on a larger 40mm base because they’re intended to be a proxy for Heavy Intercessors, but I could only fit them in as Veteran Intercessors in this list. The Black Legion are the most feared of all these Traitor Legions, guided as they are by the dark will of Warmaster Abaddon himself. Three Ophydian Destroyers add a lightning-fast melee threat to the mix, accompanied by their Canoptek Plasmacyte. You can check out our dedicated Gaming Centre page and also see what events we are running 7 days a week. Once the defenders of humanity, the Heretic Astartes long ago pledged themselves to the Dark Gods they now lead vicious raids against Imperial spacecraft and drifting space hulks alike, seeking glory and plunder.

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