I'm Too Big! (a Naga Vore story)

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I'm Too Big! (a Naga Vore story)

I'm Too Big! (a Naga Vore story)

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It’s probably a little late in development to change something this big, but… I’m not sure I’m a fan of being confined to a mansion for the entire game.

As European settlers found early on, their regular muskets were inadequate against dangerous African game. W. Greener even recommended against rifled barrel firearms above 8-bore and continued producing larger calibers, such as 6, 4, or 2 bores, from then on exclusively with smoothbore barrels.Unlike previous versions, this should be compatible with older saves, so you shouldn't need to restart your playthrough! In the mid-1870s, Selous favoured a four bore black powder muzzleloader for killing elephant, a 13 lb (5. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. add a rule where if everyone is immobile either the party is forced to swap to the characters in reserve, or it triggers a game over.

Granted, it seems you’re only putting people’s OCs in for such roles, so that’s probably not something you can fix without a lot more effort than it’s worth. Between 1874 and 1876, he slew seventy-eight elephants with that gun, but eventually there was a double loading incident together with other recoil problems. I’ve yet to announce it as getting to the final touches of finishing the update have been slow at the moment. I'm currently stuck trying to figure out how I can cross over the gaps on floor 3 and 4 (I would appreciate a pointer to where I need to go next lol) BUT I enjoyed the arena a lot! Hello I was the one who asked about the team RWBY, Pyrrha Nora as maids and Jaune and Ren as Butlers.Even though I ate absolutely nothing yesterday I had an amazing sleep and only needed about 5 hours!

The advent of rifling after about 1860, allowed longer conical projectiles to be stabilised, and, aside from accuracy, these provided even greater weight and penetration, with some hardened lead or steel bullets weighing as much as 2000 grains or 129. Chest and broadside shots were effective killers, as was the side shot on brain where the skull is thinner on elephant, however once again this did not help in instantly stopping an enraged elephant thats charging the hunter. sorry if this sounds bad, but will the future updates take as long as this one or was this an anomaly? Like, say, an area that can only be accessed through a weak bit of floor broken by one or more characters being afflicted with fat.Sanderson, in particular, mentioned two four bore firearms that he used, one of which was rifled while the other was not. The year is 4875 IGS (Inter-Galactic Standard), in a mansion, a person sits alone, surrounded by mountains of sketch books, tablets,and hard disks.

In addition, I only realized after poking through the game files that a lot of enemies could be fattened, as I hadn’t bothered to do so; I never particularly felt the need to have Libra not cast Arcane Arrow/Doomwave, plus every other RPG in the world has conditioned me to assume that debuffs don’t work/aren’t worth it. I know this series isn’t very ‘health’ focused like my first one was, but that’s also because I am not trying to fix any serious health issues this time round. You can only have four people fight at one time; you can collect every party member, but they can’t all participate in battle at the same time. Although a weapon of immense power, the four bore was far less effective than its Nitro Express successors because of the low penetration of its projectiles and its immense recoil.The lack of puzzles was kind of disappointing; I appreciate there’s not really a lot one can do in RPGMVX without scripting, though; at least, not a lot that aren’t annoying. I don’t know if it was supposed to be like this or not so I was wondering if this buff will affect the character like inflated, fattened etc. Notable hunters that used the rifles included Sir Samuel White Baker and Frederick Selous, who used it consistently in his career as an ivory hunter of African elephants between 1874 and 1876 until the advent of the lighter, more accurate and less cumbersome Nitro Express calibers and cordite propellant. Since dangerous game was shot at ranges under 50 yd (46 m), a smoothbore was sufficiently accurate, while at the same time providing higher velocities and lower recoil, and needing less cleaning.

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